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Het deel van de boerderij dat verhuurd wordt, bestaat uit een woonkamer (5 x 5 m.), een flinke woonkeuken met uitzicht op de schapenwei, douche, toilet, en 2 slaapkamers met elk 2 éénpersoonsbedden. De Steege is in de maanden juli en augustus per week te huur, in de andere maanden is ook huur per weekend of midweek mogelijk. In het hoogseizoen bent u op zaterdag welkom vanaf 14.30 uur.

Spend your vacation in Achterhoek, Netherlands

Achterhoek is a beautiful province in the south eastern part of the Netherlands, very close to the border with Germany. This region is known for its open space scenery with small hills covered in lush forests and rural farms that support the traditionally living community of this area. Tourists who choose to spend their vacation here have the unique opportunity of experiencing Dutch lifestyle in a pure, preserved atmosphere. This means that not only will they be able to take part in seasonal festivities, but they can also taste some of the original dishes that Netherlands have to offer and which have not changed for several centuries.

A trip to Achterhoek cannot be complete without a stop in Winterswijk, a small eastern town that has been founded in 1000 AD and which has been an isolated farming community for almost 800 years. It was not until the middle of the 19th century that a road was built to connect this tiny village to surrounding cities. Ever since then, the local community has gone through a series of major changes and today can be regarded as a charming tourist attraction. In terms of culture, most aspects have kept their uniqueness, as for modern technology you can benefit from all the usual advantages, including high-speed internet connection and a wide variety of Live Sex Cams where you can relax after a hard day of trekking.

If you like beer and you are interested in finding more about the rich history of this brew in the Netherlands, Achterhoek is the right destination for you. Here, you can visit the town of Groenlo, where the famous beer brewery Grolsch opened for business in 1615. A visit around these parts will present you with the perfect opportunity to discover more about what makes the Dutch people masters of this ancient beverage. More than that, you can find out rare details about the worldwide known brand that you can use to impress others on your favorite Live Sex Cams platforms like http://www.camplace.com.

While vacationing in Achterhoek, take a short trip to Bronkhorst, one of the smallest cities in the Netherlands. With a population of just over 30,000 people, this town is a real eye-catcher and is sure to captivate your delight with a peaceful walk through its narrow alleys or a visit to the local castle that bares the same name as the city. Take a few pictures and use them for your profile settings on Live Sex Cams and you will surely stand out from the crowd with such beautiful landscapes. The town has been founded in 1404 and has kept the cozy atmosphere as part of its unique charm.

In the north parts of Achterhoek you will find Doesburg, another tiny city from this area that attracts over 4,000 annual visitors with its many monuments and museums that share a history of this area as old as 900 years. A local mustard factory and the Noabers Hotel are just a few of the most interesting places to see here. The latter can actually be your Achterhoek headquarters from where you can finish the day with an exciting session on Live Sex Cams and start a new one with remarkable trips.

Vakantieboerderij Achterhoek